Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Day Treatment Is Coming

I received a call from Boo Boo Bears counselor at Heron Creek, his therapeutic school.  Apparently, the principal contacted our OHP Care Coordinator's Supervisor, to make sure he followed through on the referral to a day treatment facility for Boo Boo Bear.  It felt great to have that kind of support from an unlikely place.  As you can imagine, it's not a "normal" process for a school principal to contact anyone from the insurance provider.  I am grateful.

Now, I have to go to these day treatment facilities and interview staff.  There are two places here in Portland that Boo Boo Bear could end up.  Lifeworks and Perry Center (Trillium).  Both have their positives and negatives about them, and I'd like to go with the best facility.  This is a day treatment ONLY, so he will be with me every morning and after.  The school district will provide transportation to and from.

I'm hopeful for change.  Boo Boo Bear deserves a better quality of life, and so do I.  My daughter Maiya has been very patient and she certainly needs a break from all this havoc.  Boo Boo Bear, has the potential to be an amazing, lovely man.  He's so darn handsome and funny and VERY talented.  If only he could express himself in ways other that anger.  Time will tell.

I'll fill y'all in as I get more information.


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