Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Day After Team Meeting

Boo Boo Bear's team meeting was yesterday.  We discussed his current increasing needs in the home.  Over the weekend he managed to break the trim around his bedroom door and almost had his entire door pushed out of the frame.  An emergency call to a contractor fixed that.  four hours and a 1/2" piece of primed plywood over his bedroom side of the door and Viola!

Moving forward we have an appointment with Dane Borg, an adolescent clinical psychologist here in Portland, Oregon.  He did Boo Boo Bear's initial evaluation, but he was so young then that much has changed.  I'm hopeful that a current evaluation will reveal Boo Boo Bear's deficiencies and give us some insight into what makes him "tick".

Meanwhile, I'm tired, but hopeful that things are getting better.  Although there's no sign of that happening at this point.  I know God is in control and it is not His plan for Boo Boo Bear, or me for that matter, to live in this state of disarray.


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  1. You live in Portland!!! Lucky you! We lived there quite a while ago but I loved, loved, loved it. We lived in Southeast Portland and I taught at a Catholic School there; my husband worked at St. Mary's Boys Home in Beaverton.