Sunday, June 3, 2012

40th Birthday Follow Up

     My bestie, Heidi, had this beautiful 40th birthday cake made for me.  It's so pretty and I was sooooooo surprised.  It took three days and two birthday parties to eat it all.

     My Mom made an amazing tiara from a lush red leather that she tooled "happy birthday" into.  Each side has plumes of feathers form her Guinea Hens and a shiny red heart rock.  It's hard to describe, but super cute!  In all, I received two tiaras, confirming I am in fact a real princess!  I am blessed to have the friends I have in my life.

     I am equally blessed to have made the friends I have here on blogger.  Many of you have be   thoughtful in your posts to me, and all of you have made a difference in my life.

     Tomorrow is the big meeting at Heron Creek, Boo Boo Bear's school.  We'll be talking about day treatment as an option.  I open to ideas they have, but I really need to see movement in Boo Boo Bear, and I think a facility might be good for him.  I'm worried about the not so great parts of it too, but I have to consider all options for him.  Ultimately I know God's plan is in motion and I'm a willing participant.

     My sister has spent more time at the house than usual and has allowed me to have some much needed down time.  Ahhh, respite.  Sweet respite.  She's struggling with him as much as I am,  
but at least I'm not doing it all alone.

    Have a GREAT week!


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