Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Wrap Around Serivces, DD Services, DHS And Lil' Ole Me

    Boo Boo Bear receives many services through a variety of agencies.  The funny thing about this fact is that when I initially became a foster parent, I was overwhelmed by the amount of people and level of DHS involvement in my personal space.  Now, nearly eight years later, not only is DHS still here, I welcome them.  In addition to DHS, I have several other agencies providing supports for Boo Boo Bear on a daily basis, one of them being his MHO, who has the ability to continue or end Boo Boo Bear's wrap around services.

     We have team meetings at the MHO's office to discuss Boo Boo Bear's progress in all areas of his life.  We are constantly brainstorming ideas that may provoke change within him in a more natural way.  We talk about issues that have come up over the previous weeks and how they should be addressed in order to minimize the overall impact on our family.  And more recently, the MHO facilitator is challenging us with discussing what Boo Boo Bear's MHO ICTS discharge criteria should look like.

     It makes me squeamish to think about his level of services dropping.  Prior to receiving services, Boo Boo Bear was a candidate for an inpatient treatment facility,(not what I wanted for him).  His behaviors were extremely severe and he was a danger to himself and others.  Thankfully, that did not happen.  He qualified for ICTS which included wrap around services.  Medications and intensive therapy was a crucial part of his reform.  It's been a slow process, but one that is working.

     After much deliberation, the following is the criteria I decided needed to be checked off the list prior to Boo Boo Bear's discharge from the ICTS.

·        Attend full days at school
·        Completing age appropriate work in school
·        Appropriate interaction at school. No violent behaviors toward staff, peers, property
·        Safe during bus transportation
·        Safe toward both mom’s and siblings
·        Safe toward family property.  No more holes in doors, walls, ceiling, property of others
·        Safe toward self. No, “I’m going to kill myself” statements
·        Appropriate language when angry.  No more “F Bombs”, calling me an a---hole, etc.
·        Restrain from physical attacks on mom.
·        Able to respond appropriately to a “no” answer
·        Able to safely go into community, stores.
·        Able to travel in car safely.
·        Able to safely attend daycare setting, allowing Mom to go back to work.
·        Able to participate in age appropriate activities: sports, neighborhood play, family interaction
·        Able to self soothe in uncomfortable situations. IE unable to do activity he wants at that moment.

     It's a long list, makes me tired just typing it.  It's also the list of possibilities.  A list that once a check mark resides next to each action item, means Boo Boo Bear is a success story, that he beat the odds stacked against him.  I'm excited to watch the changes that continue to grow within him.  He's learning to be happy, which in turn makes the household happy.  Time will tell to what extent the ICTS  will remain a part of our daily life.  All I can hope for is that they stay long enough for Boo Boo Bear to glean all he needs.

Casey everly


  1. i love reading what you write about him because them is so much hope, love and strength in your words. i am so glad he has you.

    1. Thank you!!! Same back to ya! My little guy is really struggling right now which means we are all struggling. At the same time things seem to be getting worse, the agencies are talking about pulling back some services. Very frustrating. I'll fight it of course, they won't reduce his services if my big mouth has any say, but sheesh, aren't we struggling enough right now??? Anyhow, I'll openly accept all prayers on our behalf. Have a great week!
      Casey Everly