Thursday, May 24, 2012

What Was I Thinking!

     We left for vacation this last Sunday morning. Myself, Maiya and Boo Boo Bear, were invited to go to Seaside, Oregon for a little retreat to a beach side condo with a good friend of mine. I knew there was some risk involved in taking Boo Boo Bear away from the routine and the security of home, but I really needed a change of scenery and a break from the monotony. Besides, what kid wouldn't be thrilled to have sand on demand and a heated pool?

     Half the way to the beach, Boo Boo Bear began to tantrum. Mostly he just wanted to hit Maiya with his plethora of toys and to demand that she allow him to do so. Of course, this Mama ain't playin', and immediately pulled over to allow him the chance to hand over the weapons of mass destruction. He refused and was offered a ride in my friends husbands car. Well, maybe not offered, let's just say it was strongly suggested. Relieved that we would make it the rest of the way with my daughters limbs intact, we once again commenced the hour and a half journey to our beach getaway.

     Once we got there, my visions of sandcastles and starfish were abruptly aborted. We arrived just in time for a spring storm to crash any thoughts of a sandy adventure. And worse yet, the realization of all of us confined to a condo with my darling Boo Boo Bear became a daunting reality.

     To make a VERY long story short, Boo Boo Bear's tantrums matched the bellowing storm in every way. Unpredictable and yet we knew it would be blustery.  Both storms continued throughout the four day event with each moment a lashing, raging, pounding, and exhausting experience.  I couldn't wait to get home and away from the storm, both varieties.

     We did make it home safely, mostly because my darling Boo Boo Bear slept like a baby.  Maiya and I were, and as of today still are exhausted.  We agreed that in the future, condo vacations are best meant for the two of us.  Boo Boo Bear is more of a camping type of guy anyway.  We have lots planned for this summer, camping galore!

Casey Everly


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  1. I'm sorry that it was such a difficult time for all of you. Our youngest raged for the first three years, almost non-stop. He does a lot better out camping and in the wilderness than he does at home or in a "developed" setting. I hope you can have some enjoyable camping trips this summer. Rest well!