Thursday, May 3, 2012

Pack Packs And Moshclofs

     Pack pack's are used to provide safe commute for your kiddos most important cargo; books, crayons, papers, lunch pails and if you're not an avid pack pack checker, you'll likely find last weeks sandwich crust.  It's the word most likely used by your preschooler to second grader when they are referring to that cartooned bag with shoulder straps and zippers galore.  Pack pack is an easy word to figure out.  Sounds a lot like the true pronunciation, back pack, and is only one letter off from its actual spelling.  But, do you know what a moshclof is?

     Speech impediments, lisps, slurs, beautifully blundered words our lil' nuggets come up with are so cute.  I love the made up words or mis pronounced words they say, so innocently and intently.  Usually the words slowly morph into the real, grown up version of the word as they age, or if they are corrected (something I don't rush).  But some kids still hang on to their version of a word in to grade school, and some of us never grow out of it.  Have you hear of brotox, fantabulous, or maybe craptacular?  Yup, made up words by grown ups.  Although they definitely don't carry the cuteness appeal. 

       Maiya, my now 13yr old,  had several words that just melted my heart when she spoke them.  She started speaking relatively early and came up with some doozies.  Some of the words she used were a variation of what she thought she was hearing.  Pack pack was one of them, then there was bafroom, nana (banana), peas (please) and so on.  Most words that contained an "s" sound were funny because she wouldn't use her tongue and teeth to produce the sound, rather she'd blow air through her nose to mimic the sssss sound.  I bet you're trying to do it right now, aren't you?  Some of them were just plain silly words that she'd put together to convey a thought.  And, some were new names for things all together.

      For example; she got a kitten and was told she could name it all on her own.  "Go ahead Maiya", I told her,  "name her whatever you want, she's all yours."  Little did we know what we were getting ourselves into.  Treebook.  Treebook was the name my precious little bumpkin wanted to name our new fluffy puddytat (Yes, another word I refuse to give up).  I guess I did say what ever she wanted.  After much deliberation, and several heated family meetings, we settled on Catty.

     So, back to moshclof.  This was Maiya's word for washcloth.  She truly believed this was the correct word for the 10 x 10 piece of fabric or face cloth one would use to wash the face and body.  Just a little soap and a  moshclof and your squeaky clean.  Maiya continued using this word until she was 12.  Then, and against my wishes, her older sister corrected her.  So was the end of the days where moshclof was a staple in our home.  I'm sure Maiya will still blunder words as she's increasing her vocabulary.  And I look forward to each one of  them as a reminder of her innocence and inexperience in this world.  I love my little bug, short for lady bug, my pet name for Maiya.

Casey Everly

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