Friday, May 4, 2012

Featured Friday: Mom No Matter What

     Mom No Matter What is a blog written by a Christian, married, stay-at-home mother to three adopted children. Her professional background is in advocacy. She has a particular interest in mental-health advocacy for children served by the public behavioral-health system and the child-welfare system.

     I've only met this amazing foster and adoptive Mom through her blog, and first met her through this post: You've Heard of Duct Tape Wallets, But Duct Tape Socks??   Her story brought me to such an emotional place.  Her post is real and honest and a heart felt release of words and emotions.  I instantly prayed for this family and I know the family is praying over these kiddos to.  God is answering these prayers and I can't wait to start reading about Dumas being released from these issues.  Prayer is powerful folks, and God promises that whatever we ask Him in Jesus' name He will give us.  A war is being fought in the heavenlys for this child and the Lord will prevail.

     As I read through this account of Dumas and some of his compulsive issues, my emotions raced as I imagined myself in the writers shoes.  And then in Dumas's shoes.  It brought me to a tearful place and I had nothing but compassion for this precious child, Dumas, and his remarkable adoptive parents.

     I can relate to this story of Dumas all to well. My foster son has many issues that have caused him to self harm, harm others, harm pets and in many instances, cause property damage. Some of his issues are not as prevalent as they used to be, thanks be to GOD, therapy and medications. Dumas's story hit home for me in many ways.

     The average person, with or without child, can't begin to image what raising a special needs child is like.  Add on the extra problems of being a foster child and the intensity of the needs increase ten fold.  I'm sure most of us can think back to a time when we couldn't have imagined being involved in some of the situations we are now living with daily.  How could we have imagined that we would some day be smack dab in the middle of dealing with these sweet little babes and the severe conditions their bio parents created for them. 

     From what I've read, this foster and adoptive Mom and her husband, have provided these kiddos with a solid, nurturing, loving home.  They have dedicated their lives and skills to be advocates for those precious little, broken hearted children, and made it their mission to build these children up the way only a mommy and or daddy can.  This couple is raising these children to be successful people.  They are working daily to change their lives by creating a solid foundation in them for which a future can be built.  They are teaching them right from wrong, a faith in the Lord, self control, love and respect, and we know the list goes on and on. 

     Please take a few moments to check out her blog  Mom No Matter What , and send her a comment.  She has many great stories, some funny and some tearful, but all wonderful.

     After asking permission to write the above, I received an email from Mom No Matter What.  She wanted to make sure I included the following: I am very touched.  Please don't change a thing, except to note that we are not anything close to perfect--just doing our best and counting on God to make up for all of our flaws and deficiencies. 

Casey Everly


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