Monday, April 30, 2012

Summer Camp For Special Needs Foster Kids

     Boo Boo Bear, my seven year old foster son, is as cute as a little boy could be.  He has big brown eyes, thick curly hair, the chubbiest chub cheeks you've ever seen, a gruff little voice that makes his lisp absolutely adorable, an incredible sense of humor and witt, and has been diagnosed as special needs.  I mentioned before in my post  "Boo Boo Bear, My Special Needs Foster Child", some of the behavior issues he struggles with.  He suffers from PTSD, Anxiety, Compulsive, Oppositional Defiancy Disorder ODD and ADD issues.  Because of this, he exhibits all the related behaviors you'd expect.  Unfortunately, these aren't all his struggles.  He also has some significant bowel and skin issues, both of which have landed him in the hospital numerous times.  Boo Boo Bear is one adorable and complicatedly difficult lil' nugget.

     Because of his disorders, Boo Boo Bear can feel very lonely and excluded.  He often misses out on much of the "regular" kind of kid stuff like sports, over nights with friends, and even just typical neighborhood play.  Summer time can be excruciating for a lonely kid.  Throw a few special needs on top of that and POW BAM BOOM, you've got an explosive situation and one miserable kiddo.

     Thankfully, and through two years of seeking, I've found a summer camp that works with special needs foster children who are just like Boo Boo Bear.  This is a week long, you heard me right, a WEEK LONG, children's camp, that has a therapeutic staff.  I had to apply for Boo Boo Bear, which was an easy process.  I'm putting this link: Royal Family Kid's Camp International Camp Search  so you can inquire for your special needs foster child too.  This is an international camp, meaning that there are hundreds of locations within the USA and several other countries.

     Now, if you're not already in complete shock that a camp like this exists, I've got another whammy for ya that should completely blow your mind, the cost of this amazing camp, are you sitting down folks, this camp is a whopping...$20!  The organization relies heavily on donation and volunteers to provide these camps at little, and in some cases, no cost to the fostering family.

     Boo Boo Bear's application is off in the mail, awaiting approval.   I'm super excited and hopeful that his application will be approved for a week of camp.  He needs this so badly.  I can only imagine what it might be like for him to experience interaction in a safe and structured play environment and to realize he's not alone, that there are thousands of other children just like him.

     I would love to hear if anyone out there has been involved with this camp or one similar.  Also, if you are aware of ANY international programs that works with kids like ours. 

Casey Everly


  1. wow! i hope he gets in! btw...i love single foster parents! you go girl!

    1. Thank you. I'm super excited for him.

  2. I'm hoping with you to that he gets in and has a great experience there. Thanks for sharing the information, too. Though we live in the U.S. and our kids wouldn't be eligible, I love the sharing of good resources!

    1. Thank you!!! But I want to make sure you know the camps are located all over the US and in 10 other countries. We're in Oregon, but when I looked into it, I saw there are hundred of camps all over the world. If you click on the link, you'll see your state availability. Have a GREAT weeks!

    2. Thanks! I thought you might be in Canada.

  3. OOOh thats awsesomw! He would love that! My fingers are crossed! (toes too)