Wednesday, April 18, 2012

My approach is a bit off

     This weekend I bought my first pair of yoga pants.  For most women this would be no big deal.  For me, going to OLD NAVY with the intent of actually purchasing clothing for myself is A BIG DEAL.  I found the perfect pant.  Black, snug, cropped and a bit flared.  Ahhhh, cute with sneakers, cute with flip flops and oh so comfy! 

     All was well in my world until....they unexpectedly disappeared.  Now, my house is clean.  Not just tidy, but actually clean.  Things are in their place as they should be, (did I mention I'm ADD and OCD?)  All laundry is done.  Floors are clear of clothing clutter.  There is not a hiding place to be found here and yet I CAN'T FIND MY YOGA PANTS! 

     My dresser was the first place I tore through and to no avail.  Long pants, short pants, mostly to small of pants, but NO yoga pants.  My next thought is Maiya must have received my perfectly folded new yoga pants in her laundry the day before.  So, I ask her to look through her clothes to find my pants.  She assumes I'm accusing her of having them and immediately takes offense to my inquiry and subtle demand to commence the search party for the illusive pant. 

      One thing leads to another and before I know it I'm yet again arguing with Maiya rather than finding my pants.  She's intensely denying having them, I'm intensely pushing her to start looking.   I did have a moment of clarification concerning my approach with Maiya, and really my approach in life with people in frustrating situations.  Had I come to Maiya with a sincere expression of my feelings about why the pants were important to find and would she be able to help me, perhaps I could have avoided one more conflict with her.  She felt bombarded with a silly mission of finding a pair of black pants and I felt unheard and unimportant. 

     In the end I never found the pants.  I ended up wearing another pair of stretchy, black, cropped pants.

Casey Everly

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