Monday, April 16, 2012

Though I lost my keys, really lost my mind...

Locked my dog, and I thought my keys, in my bedroom today.  Called a locksmith I met while Craig's Listing over the weekend.  He said he'd be right over if I needed him.  Mean while, Kayla came over to help my situation.  When she came in the house she said she found my keys.  Confused I asked, "where?", "locked in your car Mom".  ARE YOU KIDDING ME???!!!  Luckily, after much inspection, we realized I neglected to lock my car.... So, keys, still in ignition, were obtained just in time to let Lilly out from her kennel in my locked room.  Locksmith Craig's List guy was called and thanked for his now not needed services and I decided I need a nap.

Casey Everly

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