Friday, April 20, 2012

Boo Boo Bear's Therapists' Last Day

         Daphna was assigned to work with my family, more specifically, with myself and my foster child Boo Boo Bear, who was almost 6yrs old when she started.  Boo Boo Bear had significant behavior and emotional regulations issues that caused him to display unsafe behavior towards self, others, animals and property.  He was, prior to working with Daphna, unmanageable and nearing a change of placement from the foster home he’d lived in for 5 ½ yrs to a possible treatment facility placement.  Six months into intensive therapy, with Daphna as his primary therapist, Boo Boo Bear began to show marked improvement.  Now, almost two years later and continued weekly therapy with Daphna, Boo Boo Bear has made great, measureable progress and demonstrates manageable and safe on a day-to day basis.

Today was Daphna's last day as Boo Boo Bear's therapist.  We've worked with Daphna for nearly two years now through Catholic Community ServicesShe's worked one-on-one with our family on a weekly basis for a very long time.  She's taken another job in the same field, but will be working with troubled teens vs. family and smaller children.  We had a luau, disco ball and yummy pizza to send her on her way.  We Will Miss You Daphna!!!

Casey Everly

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