Thursday, April 26, 2012

I Think I'm Going To Try A Wordless Wednesday

     I've been reading along with other foster mom bloggers, trying to glean ideas for my blog.  One thing I've noticed is that most of them have a really clever way of getting out of blogging at lease one day a week, and in some cases the weekend. 

     I love writing every day, don't get me wrong, but I didn't realise the time commitment involved.  First, I have to decided which event or thoughts in my day to write about.  I'm OCD and ADD, so this in itself can be quite a process.  Then there's the writing part.  Whatever the finished piece is, has to reflect my personality accurately.  Sometimes what I'm trying to convey doesn't come out the same once on paper, or in my case computer.  My kids think I'm a tad bit obsessive about it, but I'm NOT, I swear!!!  It's just that, I feel strongly committed to sharing this part of my life with people JUST LIKE ME, and anyone who knows me, knows I have a heckofa lot to say! 

     One fellow blogger mom, (I'll post her site as soon as I can get my link to work) has a "Wordless Wednesday", which allows her to forgo any writing that day.  She instead, posts pictures of the kiddos and family and I would guess any pets she might have too.  I like the idea that I could have a break from writing.  This is a two fold benefit; I can dispel any notion Maiya and Boo Boo Bear has that I'm compulsive with my blogging,  I could be in and out of this thing in 15min, and they'd be none the wiser.  And, I can simply rest, ahhhhhhhh.  I'm practicing this one.

     I'm also thinking of doing a "Featured Friday", where I will write and feature a fellow foster parent blogger.  By doing so, I'll have the chance to take the time to really dig into someones blog life, his/her stories, and get a good feel for the emotions and characters behind them.  I also want to support the foster parents that take time out of their busy day, to write for OUR benefit, and I'm sure it's wonderfully therapeutic for them too.

Casey Everly

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