Friday, April 20, 2012

Good Morning My Princess & Prince

     Remember those commercials, "the best part of waking Folgers in your cup", are your singing it in your head?  They paint such a Norman Rockwell picture of a beautiful, stress free, relaxing, WELCOME to YOUR Day kinda picture don't they?

      They make me think of birds chirping me awake instead of an alarm clock, the fresh roasted coffee beans percolating and brewing to perfection while the aroma gently wafts through the kitchen, up the stairs, around the corner, under my blanket and into my perfectly moisturized nostrils.  Eyes gently flutter open, my hair still perfect from the day before, rosy pink cheeks and somehow my mascara is perfectly in place, beautifully coating each lash with such perfection, Kim Kardashian herself would be jealous. What a bunch of bull pucky!

     Let me paint you a picture of what a real morning, with a real family, really looks like: 7:15am, Maiya: "GET OUTTA MY ROOOOOOM!"  Boo Boo Bear: "I'M NOT IN YOUR ROOOOOOM!" Me: Eyes are stuck in closed position to much pressure to open, bed warm, must try to wake-up, kids in imminent danger....rollll left, aah bed so warm,'s quiet....could it be???are they done??? Pounding food steps down the hall, pounding foot steps back up the hall.  Foot steps stop at what sounds to be right in front of Maiya's bedroom.  "MOOOOOM! Mooooom he's in my room again!  Me: Good morning guys.

Casey Everly

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